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About VOH Bulale

VOH Bulale opened in April 2018. We care for over 140 children and employ over a dozen Tanzanians. Our centre is located in Bulale, approximately 20 minutes from our primary Mwanza centre.

Bulale is an up-and-coming community, with many recently moving to the area. It is a primarily poor area, with many residents struggling to provide for their family’s basic needs. Most people in the region support themselves through agriculture, but unfortunately, the water supply is limited and unreliable. 

There is only one government primary school in the area, which has upwards of 2,000 children attending in shifts with classroom sizes of 100-150 students per class.

Our Programs


At our VOH centre, we currently offer preschool through grade three, and our class sizes are small (a maximum of 40 students per class). Our child welfare team works with community leaders to help identify the most vulnerable children in the area for enrolment into our school. Because of our smaller class sizes, our teachers can get to know each student personally and cater to their educational needs.


All children at VOH Bulale are provided free healthcare through our VOH Mwanza clinic. Our Mwanza clinic has a doctor and nurses on staff who offer basic medical care to the children. If a child requires further medical attention, we take them to a local clinic or hospital, depending on what treatment is needed.

Family-Focused Shelter

At VOH Bulale, we currently do not have a shelter program. All children come from the community to school and return to their families after school. VOH Bulale’s parents and guardians are very involved and often visit the centre for training sessions. Parents and Guardians also volunteer their time to keep the Centre clean and beautiful by tending to the gardens and landscaping.

Feeding Program

During the school day, all students receive food through our nutrition program. Preschool students receive a nutritious porridge daily before they go home at noon. Primary students receive porridge in the morning before class and a meal during lunch break. Lunch includes all necessary nutrients, and every meal has starch, protein, greens, and fruit.

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