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VOH Mwanza opened in January 2012. We care for over 1,100 children and employ over 70 Tanzanians. Our centre is in Nyegezi, a suburb 20 minutes outside Mwanza city.

The Nyegezi community is large, and many people who live in the area work in downtown Mwanza because rent is typically cheaper in Nyegezi. The community is varied in terms of need. Some are doing reasonably well financially, but at the same time, many are very poor and struggling to meet their basic needs.

The children in our programs are selected by our Child Welfare Committee in cooperation with local community leaders. They come from difficult backgrounds, and some have lost one or both of their parents. Many come from impoverished homes, and some suffer from chronic medical conditions. By helping the children, we are helping the entire family.

Our Programs

Feeding Program

We run a daily feeding program for the children attending our VOH Mwanza school and those in our Nyasaka satellite preschool. Each child receives a nutritious porridge each morning and a balanced lunch each afternoon. We provide various meals based on what is in season and available, but each lunch contains protein, starch, greens, and fruit. We also offer our children extra nutritional support as needed. Some have medical conditions or are underweight, so they receive additional dietary supplements, and we monitor their progress.


Our school offers free preschool and primary education for the children who live on-site and those from the neighbouring community. For children who live on-site but attend secondary school, we provide all of their school fees and related expenses. We also have several high school graduates who we are helping gain further training or education, and we run workshops and training programs specifically targeted at young adults. In addition, in 2019, we opened a satellite preschool in Nyasaka, a community 30 minutes away from our centre.

Family-Focused Shelter

We provide shelter for children who local authorities have identified as having no other safe place to live. Each of our children’s homes has a housemother and eight children of various ages who operate as a family. We also work on family reunification, where the aim is to reunite children living in our children’s homes with their extended families. We follow up with every child who is reintegrated and if they are still close by, they remain part of our other programs. In addition, we provide short-term emergency stays for children who need a temporary place to live.


We have an on-site, government-registered clinic with a full-time doctor and nurse who care for the medical needs of our children. All of the children in our care have regular medical check-ups, and we closely monitor and follow up with those with any medical conditions. We use outside hospitals, clinics, and labs, as needed, depending on the treatment required. We also run a program for children living with disabilities that allows them to interact with others in a safe environment and learn at their own pace.

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